Are Volkswagens Expensive To Maintain?

Volkswagens are stylish, reliable cars typifying European poise and engineering.

Ranking 12th out of 32 other car brands for reliability, they are dependable machines. But you get what you pay for, and Volkswagens do not come cheap.

Beyond the initial purchase price of your vehicle, you’ll need to ensure you’ve budgeted for potential repair and maintenance costs.

Today we’re going to discuss Volkswagen maintenance costs and compare and contrast these with other manufacturers so you can get abreast of the cost of maintaining these vehicles.

How Expensive Are Volkswagens to Maintain?

Standard maintenance costs for a Volkswagen are about $676 a year, though this, of course, can vary depending on things like the model of your vehicle and your mileage.

Is Volkswagen Service Expensive?

Typically Volkswagen maintenance is a fraction higher than average maintenance costs, but they are reliable vehicles that tend to require much less maintenance than other vehicles.

According to Carmax, a maintenance and repair cost comparison site, Volkswagen owners will need to take their car to the repair shop 0.5 times a year for unscheduled maintenance and in only 11% of these instances is the repair considered severe.

Volkswagen scheduled service cost estimate

It is recommended that you service your Volkswagen every two years or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The yearly Volkswagen service costs are $270 a year, depending on your location, make and model, and engine type.

Average Volkswagen annual maintenance cost

The average maintenance costs of your Volkswagen will vary dependent on the range of your vehicle and how you use it.

$676 is a good average figure for routine maintenance of a mid-range vehicle, but the maintenance costs can run slightly lower and much higher.

Volkswagen Annual Maintenance Costs By Model

Let’s take a closer look at average maintenance costs for specific Volkswagen models:

Volkswagen Jetta – $469

Volkswagen Beetle – $535

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport – $404

Volkswagen Golf R – $1051.

All the above vehicles average less than one visit required to a shop every year.

Why is Volkswagen Maintenance Deemed Expensive?

In years gone by, Volkswagen maintenance costs were known for being much higher than the competition, though, in recent years, this had reduced to match the average cost.

One thing that can drive the price up the price of expensive repairs is that Volkswagen uses parts that require specialized tools to remove. This means that not every independent repair shop has the ability to fix your car efficiently.

Therefore Volkswagen maintenance cost is driven up by them requiring specialization in the mechanics working on them. And, you might have to visit a dedicated Volkswagen dealership, which can further increase costs.

However, Volkswagen offers 2 years/20,000 miles of ‘Carefree maintenance.’ This provides the first two scheduled maintenance services to your vehicle for free. The first service includes brake wear inspection and an oil and oil filter change. The second offers the same as well as a long checklist and a road test.

Are Volkswagen Spare Parts Expensive?

Volkswagen parts are typically more expensive to maintain and replace due to their outstanding finish and performance of their German engineering.

So when you pay more for Volkswagen repair and preventative maintenance, you are paying for the high quality of the vehicle’s custom-designed components, a boast many other vehicle manufacturers cannot make.

How Does Volkswagen Maintenance Cost Compare with Other Car Models?

Let’s take a look at the cost of repair and maintenance compared to other car manufacturers, bearing in mind that the average cost for Volkswagen maintenance is around $676 a year.


Average annual repair costs: $908


Average annual repair costs: $682


Average annual repair costs: $968


Average annual repair costs: $441


Average annual repair costs: $987


Average annual repair costs: $300-$500


Average annual repair costs: $775


Average annual repair costs: $218


Average annual repair costs: $550


Average annual repair costs: $428


Average annual repair costs: $500

Looking at the above comparisons, we see that, on average, Volkswagen repair costs rate around the middle of this list.

Obviously, the costs are much higher than mass-produced, generalized consumption Toyotas and Nissans. This sort of cost difference is to be expected and, if anything, signifies that you’re paying for Volkswagen’s reliable components and the skill of the specialized mechanic trained to maintain and replace them.

Luxury vehicles like those made by Mercedes Benz and BMW top out the list and show that while Volkswagen vehicles may cost more to repair than the average car, they are firmly in the mid-range of maintenance costs. They even have lower maintenance costs than Ford vehicles.

What Are the Most Reliable Volkswagen Models?

The Passat has been around for 50 years and is a staple of the VW brand. This car has developed from a functional station wagon to a classy, modern model.

The Golf is another timeless vehicle that has lived through countless resurrections, now incorporating cutting-edge electrical components with sleek, reliable engineering. The fact that we still see every generation of Golf still on the road today is all the proof we need of its reliability.

If you’re making a foray into the world of premium SUVs, the Touareg is a reliable model. It originally suffered from some electronic issues, but the company has since resolved them.

How to Minimize Your VW Maintenance Cost

Regular maintenance of your car is the best way to not just ensure you’re driving a safe vehicle, but it’s also good practice to save money in the long run by preventing the compounding of wear and tear.

Once you reach 10,000 miles, you should begin undertaking essential maintenance jobs.

  • Taking out extended warranties can cover you beyond the two years offered by VW. The upfront cost of an extended service plan can save you a huge sum of money in the event of unexpected repairs. Volkswagen offers warranty plans that can extend up to 10 years and 150,000 miles.
  • Replace the oil and oil filter: luckily, this one is included in the two-year warranty provided by VW.
  • Rotate your tires to increase their longevity.
  • Examine your wiper blades
  • After 20,000 miles, you may want to examine the battery and inspect the braking system.

You should also administer the replacement of the fuel filter and replace the dust and pollen filter.

Also, inspect your tires and check the expiry date on their filling to make sure it’s still within their effective age.

Where to Buy Genuine Volkswagen Spare Parts

As VW relies on a host of components specific to their vehicles, not every reputable mechanic will have the parts necessary for your car.

Luckily this means a market has arisen for mechanics to specialize in Volkswagen certified components, many of which operate online, including:

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