How Much Does an EGR Valve Replacement Cost? (Current Prices)

How much could you expect to pay for an EGR valve replacement in 2022? That’s a fair question, considering some car repairs have gone up in price in recent years.

Although an EGR valve replacement might only cost a few hundred dollars, the labor costs can add a lot to your final bill.

How Much Does an EGR Valve Replacement Cost 2022

Read on to find out what you might spend on an EGR replacement valve.

What Is an EGR Valve in a Car?

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve connects the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold, controlling the vehicle’s emissions and improving your vehicle’s fuel economy.

It can also impact the performance of your car.

The EGR valve works in gas-powered and diesel vehicles. The EGR valve limits the amount of exhaust gas that re-enters the intake system.

The valve opens and closes depending on whether the engine is off, idling, or at low speeds.

The valve is usually closed when you first start your car. It opens by the time the engine heats, allowing a particular amount of the burned exhaust into the intake manifold before bringing fresh air to the engine.

It is this process that allows a vehicle to run more efficiently. It also helps a car run longer.

What Happens if My EGR Valve Goes Bad?

There are a few problems that might arise from an insufficient EGR. Should your EGR valve go bad, you may experience:

  • Poor mileage on your travels
  • Downgraded performance
  • Excessive smoke from the tailpipe
  • Rough idling
  • Engine stalling while idling
  • A knocking sound from the engine
  • The persistent smell of fuel

When the EGR valve goes bad, these are a few warning signs. You may also notice the presence of your check engine light.

The result is usually a power reduction, worse acceleration, and a decrease in your fuel efficiency.

Is an EGR Valve Expensive To Replace?

The EGR valve is not a cheap piece of equipment to replace. However, it’s not the most expensive either. Depending on your vehicle, the cost could range anywhere from $190 to $350.

If you want to save on labor costs, you could consider replacing the EGR valve on your own. If you have experience working with vehicles, replacing the EGR valve is relatively straightforward.

However, the replacement cost is not too expensive. Compared to other vehicle parts, like brakes, the EGR valve is not an expensive piece to replace.

How Much Does an EGR Valve Replacement Cost 2022

Average EGR Valve Replacement Cost

The average cost of an EGR valve replacement depends on the vehicle you drive and where you take your car for maintenance.

Let’s look at the average costs for an EGR valve and replacing it. We’ll also discuss how long it usually takes for the job to get done.

Average EGR Valve Price

On average, an EGR valve costs between $250 and $350. The piece itself is relatively expensive for being pretty small. However, it plays a vital role in the performance and economy of your vehicle.

Average EGR Valve Replacement Labor Cost

The labor costs for replacing an EGR valve usually range somewhere between $60 and $80. So while the piece is pretty pricey, the price for labor doesn’t add too much to the final bill.

EGR Valve Replacement Time

The EGR valve usually takes less than an hour to replace. This swift replacement time is one reason the labor costs stay so low compared to the equipment cost.

It’s not difficult to get to the EGR valve, and replacing it is pretty straightforward. If you know your vehicle needs a new EGR valve, you can tell your mechanic and generally be in and out in no more than an hour.

Is It Better To Clean or Replace EGR Valve?

Keeping your EGR valve clean is an excellent way to ensure its lifespan. Keeping your vehicle clean and well maintained is always a good idea, especially with parts like the EGR valve.

Since it plays such a crucial role in the efficiency and performance of your vehicle, do your best to keep it clean. There are ways you can accomplish this at home, or you can have it done professionally.

If the time comes for a new EGR valve, cleaning it will likely be insufficient to solve the problem. Keeping it clean might prevent the need for a new one.

But once an EGR valve goes bad, the best thing to do is get it replaced.

Is It Worth Replacing EGR Valve?

Yes, replacing your EGR valve is worth it. The valve is crucial to the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

IF the EGR valve goes bad, it can lead to other issues such as:

  • Power reduction
  • Acceleration reduction
  • Fuel efficiency reduction
  • Emissions increase

While it might seem like an insignificant part of the vehicle, the EGR valve is essential. Its role in fuel efficiency alone makes it vital to the life of your car.

Where To Replace EGR Valve

The best place to replace your EGR valve is at a trained mechanic’s shop. They will do the best job and ensure it’s done correctly.

Without their expertise, you may end up with a lousy replacement part. Or you could end up with the EGR valve replaced incorrectly.

EGR Valve FAQs

We know now that the EGR valve is integral to your vehicle’s function. Without it, fuel efficiency and performance drop drastically.

Let’s look at some common questions people ask about EGR valves.

Can a car run with a bad EGR valve?

Technically you can run your car on a bad EGR valve. It won’t be a pleasant ride, however. One of the telltale signs of a bad EGR valve is rough driving and shaking while you idle.

Can you drive with EGR valve disconnected?

In the event that your EGR valve is disconnected, you can still drive. You’ll notice issues with power and acceleration, however, and the emissions from your car will increase.

Can I replace my EGR valve myself?

You can replace the EGR valve yourself. If you have the space, the right tools, and the experience, the task is not too difficult. Even if you’ve never done it before, you only need a little confidence.

The EGR valve is easy to reach and easy to replace.

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