Car Oil Pump Replacement Cost (Current Average Prices)

A simple reading of the dashboard lights tells you oil pressure is one of the most important aspects of a car. It can also be one of the most expensive issues for a vehicle.

Car Oil Pump Replacement Cost

On average, you can expect an oil pump replacement cost to be $1300.

What is the function of an oil pump?

As the name suggests, this is the part that pumps the engine oil into the engine and throughout the system. However, the oil pump is a lot more than that.

The oil pump provides the necessary force that keeps the oil moving through the system and maintains the correct oil pressure as reflected by the oil pressure gauge. Pressure needs to be constant, sufficient, and stable.

The engine’s components need to be constantly lubricated to function smoothly. You should keep the system cleaned out and regulate the temperature to prohibit corrosion. By moving the hot engine oil out and introducing cooled engine oil into the engine block, the overall temperature of the engine can be kept at safe levels.

Where is the oil pump located?

Most commonly, the oil pump is on the front of the engine block and ensures that the engine is full of motor oil, that the motor oil pressure is good, and moves the oil through the filter to keep the system clean.

A vehicle’s oil pump is very often found inside the oil pan, where all of the car’s engine oil is stored. The camshaft powers oil that is located inside the oil pan.

On some makes and models of engines, the oil pump can also be located outside of the pan and typically around the crankshaft, and when the oil pump is outside the pan, the crankshaft powers the oil pump.

How much does it cost to replace the oil pump?

An oil pump replacement is an expensive repair. Most of the service cost is related to time and labor. However, many factors go into the actual replacement costs.

If you purchased a used part and installed the oil pump as a Do It Yourself project, you could get away with only spending around $300. However, if a shop handled the entire process, it could reach $1500.

In addition, the cost of gaskets, a new oil filter, and new oil to refill the system can average a total of between $250 and $350.

Average oil pump price

The cost of the oil pump part alone does differ from make and model. However, on average, you can expect to pay between $400 and $500 for a new oil pump.

Average oil pump replacement labor cost

Labor costs amount to about one-third of replacing a bad oil pump. You can expect a garage to charge, on average, somewhere between $750 and $950 for the labor to replace a bad oil pump.

How long does it take to change the oil pump?

The amount of time involved in this repair depends upon the make and model of the car and what will need to be replaced. Typically, when replacing the oil pump, you will also need to replace the oil pan gasket and the gaskets that sit on the front of the engine block.

In total, for a straightforward and easy to get to everything type of repair by a skilled mechanic, the job can take as little as four hours. However, it is reasonable to expect this to be an eight-hour repair job, essentially the entire day.

Car Oil Pump Replacement Cost

What causes oil pump failure?

There are several reasons why an oil pump fails. You may have a faulty oil pump if you:

  • Continuously drive on a low oil pressure
  • Don’t change your oil enough
  • Have the build-up of debris within your oil
  • Have cross-contamination of other components in your oil
  • Have had your vehicle for a while, or your mileage is high

Symptoms of a failing oil pump?

These are the four most common bad oil pump symptoms.

Warning light

Before something significant goes wrong on a car, there will most probably be a warning light to tell you. In this case, both the check engine light and the oil light could be indicators of a bad oil pump.

Any faulty sensor on the car, including the oil sensor inside a defective oil pump, will trigger the check engine light. However, the check engine light can be a sign of dozens of things, so it needs to be monitored in concert with other symptoms of a bad oil pump.

More specific than that, however, is the oil pressure warning light. If the oil pressure warning light comes on, there is a perfect chance that it has to do with the oil pump. A loss in oil levels will directly affect the oil pressure. Oil pressure issues will always be associated with lousy oil pump symptoms.

Noisy engine

An engine runs so smoothly and quietly because the valve train makes sure everything stays full of necessary lubrication, otherwise known as engine oil. If less or no engine oil is getting into the engine, you can expect engine damage to occur, which is a loud process.

The entire engine must have the correct engine oil and oil pressure level to work correctly. When it doesn’t, you can and will hear it. Once the oil arrives inside the engine block, the valve train takes the oil and distributes it to ensure every part is lubricated and thus quiet.

If it isn’t sufficient or any engine oil for the valve train to do this, the result is metal components rubbing on other parts, which could sound like a hammer inside the engine.

A hot engine

As stated previously, the oil pump removes hot engine oil and replaces it with cooled engine oil to keep the engine’s temperature regulated. A failed oil pump will result in increased engine temperature. You can easily monitor this with the temperature gauge.

The car won’t start

The worst of all lousy oil pump symptoms is also the end of the line. Once the oil pump fails, the car simply won’t start. No oil pressure means nothing is moving at all.

How long do oil pumps last?

Oil pumps are a critically important part of a car’s ability to function. Thus, they are designed and built to last for essentially at least half of a car’s typical life of use. You can quickly expect to be able to get between 60,000 and 70,000 miles out of an oil pump.

However, getting 250,000 miles on an oil pump is not unheard of on new cars that are properly maintained. However, a lack of proper maintenance, which includes failing to have the oil changed regularly, will affect both the oil pump’s function and life.

Is the oil pump worth replacing?

If the oil pump fails and is not functioning correctly at all, the car will not run. Further, a bad oil pump will eventually reach that point. So, yes, it is definitely worth the cost and time to have the oil pump replaced.

Where to get oil pump replacement services

Oil pump replacement is a very standard service. Any garage that provides routine maintenance and service with qualified and certified mechanics will most likely offer this service.

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