Resonator Delete Cost Guide – Current Prices

Are you cracking your head on how to modify your exhaust system sound? The resonator delete modification affects the sound profile and efficiency of your car.

The cost of a resonator delete varies with models and the source of purchase. But, you can get this modification at an average price of between $100 to $220.

How Much Does a Resonator Delete Cost

Read on to understand how much it’ll cost you to implement such vehicle modifications.

What Does a Resonator Delete Do?

A resonator cancels out specific sound frequencies when accelerating; the hind part of the muffler nullifies disturbing sounds and noises in your vehicle. These harsh tones and sounds could otherwise hurt your eardrums and spoil your driving experience.

A resonator delete is when carefully removing the resonator by an expert brings back the droning or humming sound to your driving experience, spelling out a specific flamboyance or style.

Some vehicle enthusiasts prefer to re-introduce these sounds because of attachment, preference or to enhance the vehicle’s type and model, like in the Mustang.

This modification process could take a couple of hours at most. First, remove the exhaust system by cutting up the pipes 2 inches forward and rearward to expose the resonator and remove it. Once you remove it, you weld it to seal the exhaust system.

Does a Resonator Delete Affect Performance?

The resonator delete affects your vehicle’s performance by changing its weight, fuel efficiency, and horsepower, where most vehicles experience an increase in horsepower after a resonator delete.

In addition, the resonator delete boosts your vehicle’s performance by creating a little back pressure on the engine.

A lighter vehicle has a better mileage to fuel ratio making your car more economical and efficient. A resonator weighs about 20 pounds, and losing this weight could help boost your vehicle’s performance.

If your vehicle has blockages or restrictive performances because of soot or other piping issues, this modification can eliminate these problems to bring it to full engine horsepower potential.

In addition, it clears the path to reduce the back pressure allowing more air and fuel into the chambers for better performance.

In contrast, some vehicles experience a dip in engine performance because the back pressure reduces the exhaust flow speed affecting its performance and efficiency.

How Much Is a Resonator Delete?

A resonator delete is an affordable and legal vehicle modification process. Depending on your vehicle’s model, it’ll cost you as little as $100. The price can shoot above $200 for more luxurious and intricate models.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove a Resonator?

Removing the resonator from your exhaust system will cost you at least $100. However, some people have had this modification on their vehicles for less.

Different dealers will have various quotes on the resonator delete. Before choosing your preferred partner or doing it yourself, ensure you do your due diligence and research for better results.

How Much Does a Resonator Delete Cost

Where To Buy a Resonator Delete?

Each vehicle uses specific pipes and parts for its exhaust system. Identifying the right seller and mechanic proves the difference between a perfect or poor-quality resonator delete. Check out these top sellers in the country.


Carid offers affordable resonator deletes. Their wide variety of tools and equipment allows you to choose what fits your vehicle model best.

After the modification process, you don’t need to customize or forcefully fit your exhaust piece.

These resonator delete range from as low as $5, giving you a more comprehensive range of affordable modification options. You can shop online or in-store, which provides you with versatility and convenience. In addition, the shop’s reviews show they are honest in their dealings.

Exo Performance USA

This store has high-end prices but delivers on quality. They have numerous options for different vehicles throughout the store. The various designs with costs of at least $123 provide an adequate range of resonator delete for your choice.

Khaos Motorsports

Khaos Motorsports balances quality and affordability. You’ll get different brands and types for your vehicle in this store. The prices range from $29 upwards, which gives you plenty of wiggle room to flex your financial muscles for the right resonate delete.

RedStar Exhaust USA

RedStar’s primary focus on numerous car models makes it the perfect store to shop and purchase your resonator delete.

You’ll get different options at an affordable price, and there is no shortage in design and quality. In addition, the available delete kits and piping quality determine your resonator delete success.


Dinan has numerous resonator delete kits which aid you in the modification process. Their affordability and versatility in their options make you comfortable while choosing the best gear for your vehicle. Consider the resonator’s position in the vehicle to understand which kit best fits your vehicle model.


This online store has numerous resonator deletes from different manufacturers. Scanning through the website, you’ll find affordable and quality options. They ensure you get what you paid for, which increases your resonator’s success and quality.

Is a Resonator Delete Illegal?

Suppose you’re considering modifying your vehicle but have no idea where to start because of legal procedures; turn to resonator deletes. Resonator delete is a legal modification process where you can tweak and change your exhaust system’s performance, sound, and efficiency.

The government’s primary concern is changing the car’s emissions and environmental impact, which is an environmental hazard.

Is a Resonator Delete Worth It?

If the fading sound of your accelerating car as it speeds beyond the horizon gives you the thrill, you should go for a resonator delete. It changes your sound profile and brings other benefits like increased horsepower and a lighter vehicle. With these benefits, you’ll enjoy using your vehicle more.

The robust shape and distinct sound of vehicles like the Mustang or Ford that you can further customize to enhance the feel of your vehicle should push you to get the resonator delete. Getting the suitable kit and successfully working on the exhaust system will give you immense pride.

Despite some disadvantages, you’ll enjoy the performance, sound, and fuel efficiency of your new exhaust system.

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