What Does The VSA Light On A Honda Mean?

VSA stands for Vehicle Stability Assist and is a Honda’s computer system. When the VSA light is on, the vehicle stability assist system is on. It is also known as the system indicator light.

If the VSA light stays on and the check engine light is on, there may be a fault in the system.

What Does The VSA Light On A Honda Mean

What Is The VSA System On Honda?

Every modern Honda has a vehicle stability assist that helps keep handling when turning a corner. Whether you have a Honda Accord or Honda Odyssey, it will have a VSA system.

It is essentially a Honda’s computer system to ensure that the tires have grip when driving.

When the wheels of cars have different grips, it enhances the vehicle’s wheel spin, traction, and stability to limit wheel slip. It is essentially there to help the driver maintain control.

It is activated in harsh weather conditions when roads are slippery and loose and helps keep smooth acceleration when you are driving on different terrains. It is also activated when the car is going too fast while taking a turn. It also works with the steering angle sensor and the traction control system to detect if the car is steered in the direction you are going.

It is done by activating each brake for an individual wheel and automatically changing the engine speed, which improves grip control.

VSA Symbol On The Dashboard

The vehicle stability assist is a yellow triangle light with an exclamation mark inside it and is located on the dashboard.

What Causes The VSA Light To Come On?

The VSA system light is on for several reasons. Mainly to show that the vehicle stability assist system is activated. Which gives your vehicle the assistance it needs. If the light stays on for a long period, it could probably turn off.

Conducting a VSA light diagnosis is going to help you understand why it is on and if there is a problem.

The vehicle has the wrong tires

The VSA light will go on if it detects that one or more of your wheels are not rotating at the correct speed. Consult your user manual for wheel size.

The VSA system was accidentally turned off

If the VSA light comes on and stays on, it is most likely because you have accidentally turned it off. This will mean that the Honda’s VSA system is no longer providing the traction and stability assistance your vehicle needs.

If the VSA light is turned off, the VSA activation indicator light comes on to warn you that the VSA system has been turned off.

In this case, you may need to turn it back on. You can locate the switch in some vehicles under the left vent. In others, the button is on the left of the steering wheel on the center dash.

Something else is the wrong

If the VSA light comes on with multiple lights, it may mean that the vehicle stability system has been shut off due to other systems malfunctioning. It is best, in this case, to have your vehicle checked for the problem.

There is a problem with the system

There is a second VSA system light, called the VSA indicator light. If it comes on you, there is a problem with the system. It is best to pull over and turn the engine off and then on again when you see it.

Is It Safe To Drive With The VSA Light On?

It is safe to drive with the VSA light on as it can simply mean that the system is activated. If the light comes on with other warning lights, there may be a problem with other systems in your vehicle.

  • If the light is on with the VSA indicator light, there is a problem with the system itself, and it will need to be checked out by a mechanic.
  • If the light is on with the check engine light, then it means that there may also be a fault in the system.
  • If the light is on with the traction control light, it means that you are experiencing slippage.
  • The VSA light may be flashing; a flashing light simply means that the system is on and activated.
What Does The VSA Light On A Honda Mean

What To Do When The VSA Light Comes On

In most cases, you do not need to do anything if the VSA light comes on. It simply means that the VSA system is on and activated.

If the light comes on with other warning lights, you may need to get the system as well as the system the warning lights suggest checking out.

When the VSA light comes on with the VSA indicator light, you are going to have to pull over when it is safe to do and restart the engine.

Resetting the VSA light on a Honda is a simple task and can be done by the car owner.

How To Remove Or Reset The Honda Vsa Light?

Step 1

Turn the ignition switch off and take the key out. Then, jump pins 1 and 9.

Step 2

Step on the brake pedal while turning on the ignition to position 3. The ABS light should come on and then go off. You are then going to release the brake pedal. The ABS light should come back on. Step on the brake again and hold it down lightly.

Step 3

The ABS light should go off; when this happens, release the brake. What a while for the ABS light to blink twice and go off again. If this happens, you have cleared the fault codes successfully.

Step 4

Turn the ignition off, remove the key disconnect the jumper wires from step 1.

If in step 3 the light stays on, you are going to have to repeat Steps 1 through 3 again as you did not successfully clear the fault codes.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The VSA System?

The average cost to get the VSA system fixed is between $80 and $90. This price is an average for most Honda. With labor costs at around $38 to $48 and parts at around $43.

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