PowerStop vs. StopTech Brake Pads Comparison Guide

PowerStop and StopTech are two of the most respected brands in brake pads. They’re made from high-quality materials and have a reputation for improving braking performance in all conditions.

PowerStop vs. StopTech

However, there are many significant differences between the two brands. For example, stopTech brakes are popular in racing, while PowerStop is more cost-effective for everyday driving.

The truth is that both brands are great. It all comes down to personal preference and what kind of driving you do. We’ll take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of each brand so that you can decide which one is best for your vehicle!

PowerStop Brake Pad Overview

Since the 1990s, the Power Stop has been a constant in the brake rotor industry. The consistently high quality of their products has made this company a household name in the auto industry and propelled them to the ranks of the world’s top brake rotor producers.

Z23 and K200 rear brake rotor kits include ceramic brake pads, drilled and slotted brake rotors, and shims, which constitute a significant upgrade from the braking system found on most automobiles’ standard brakes.

PowerStop brake rotors are constructed of stainless steel and slotted and drilled, efficiently dispersing friction-generated heat.

Z23 rear ceramic brake pads are included in the kit with drilled and slotted rotors to guarantee excellent performance in any climate.

Rotor surfaces are dry and straightforward to clean because the slots and holes in their construction facilitate the rapid removal of any other substance, especially water.

Power Stop’s K200 brake rotor increases your vehicle’s braking capacity and allows you to come to a stop in a matter of seconds.

Brake rotor holes are responsible for dissipating the heat produced when the brake pads push on the rotor’s surface, allowing the rotors to remain relatively cool even under extreme braking conditions.

PowerStop will undoubtedly be the priciest product under consideration if you plan to compare.

However, spending a little extra on a package with several braking systems might be a good investment and improve drivers’ experiences.

StopTech Brake Pad Overview

StopTech is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known braking system manufacturers in the world. The company is known for its cutting-edge brake designs, which have become the standard in the industry.

StopTech has, for many years, displayed a wide range of high-tech braking solutions, including those tailored to high-performance automobiles, SUVs, and other vehicles.

StopTech’s slotted brakes are compatible with over 1200 vehicles, so you can put them on practically any car, truck, SUV, or van.

Through the Vac-U-Slot vents, a constant supply of cold air is provided, keeping the rotors at a safe temperature even under heavy braking.

In addition, they may get rid of anything that can get in the way of the rotors doing their jobs, such as dirt, water, dust, gasses, or anything else.

These slots help to keep your rotors clean and cool, reducing wear on the brake pads.

A special coating made of cadmium is designed to last 60% longer than the zinc coating used on conventional brake rotors.

It increases the brake rotors’ resilience to corrosion and wear so that you may drive safely in a broader range of climates.

Everyone who owns a car and wants to be sure they have a vehicle equipped with high-geared brake rotors should consider purchasing StopTech slotted brake rotors, which come with a guarantee that covers manufacturing defects for three years or 36,000 miles.

It would help if you kept in mind that each slotted brake rotor is sold separately. So if you decide to purchase StopTech brake rotors, it’s best to get at least two, preferably four.

StopTech’s slot brake rotors are a fantastic option, even though their pricing is slightly steep.

PowerStop vs. StopTech

PowerStop vs. StopTech Brake Pads Comparison

PowerStop and StopTech are respected brands in the industry, and their brake pads are also very well-liked by customers. However, there are some differences between them that you should keep in mind if you buy new brake pads for your vehicle.

Who Makes PowerStop and StopTech Brake Pads?

PowerStop and StopTech are two different brands that produce brake pads. PowerStop is based in Bedford Park, IL, and is owned by TSG Consumer Partners. The brake pads for Powerstop are manufactured in China.

Centric makes StopTech pads in Southern California. Centric Parts is a leader in aftermarket brake pad kits and shoes, offering a wide selection of brake friction options for different vehicles and driving conditions. StopTech is a division of Centric, which makes high-performance racing brakes.

PowerStop vs StopTech Material Used

PowerStop brake pads are made of ceramic. Semi-metal brake pads from StopTech are constructed of metals, including copper, steel, iron, and other composite alloys.

Ceramic brake pads like PowerStop’s can withstand high heat, resulting in less harm to the braking rotors. Throughout their lifetime, ceramic brake pads offer superior noise management without losing braking performance during “stop and go” driving, and they often last longer than semi-metallic brake pads.

Drivers of racecars or those who do more long-distance driving choose semi-metallic brake pads like StopTech’s because they offer greater braking over various temperatures and situations.

In addition, they are constructed from a material that effectively transmits heat, enabling them to sustain greater temperatures during braking while aiding the cooling process.

PowerStop vs StopTech Design

While the Stoptech rotors are slotted, the PowerStop rotors are cross-drilled.

Power Stop’s brake rotors are slotted and drilled to disperse friction heat effectively. Brake kits with slots and drill holes deliver strong stopping force. Slots and perforations in rotors dry the surface so you can clean them quickly and easily.

The rotors make it simple to eliminate the presence of any additional waste or liquids.

Any vehicle owner who wishes to supply their vehicle with high-geared brake rotors should get StopTech slotted brake rotors. The rotors stay cool even while applying heavy braking pressure thanks to the Vac-U-Slot vents that allow a constant flow of cool air.

PowerStop vs StopTech Functionality

Both Stoptech and Powerstop provide brakes with comparable performance and functionality. So whether you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle or truck, the braking systems on both are practical and comfortable. 

When it comes to bumpy roads, nothing beats the performance of Powerstop, which is available for vehicles of all makes, models, and wheel sizes.

With Stoptech installed, acceleration is more smooth in any vehicle. And these brakes make it possible to continue driving in adverse conditions.

StopTech triumphs in terms of functionality. The drilled and slotted brake kits from Stoptech are ideal for heavy use. The primary purpose of their gear was to protect them from things like shrapnel, exhaust smoke, and heat.

As a result, these systems provide the ultimate in safety and comfort, making it possible to drive on long journeys without any problems.

PowerStop vs. StopTech Durability Comparison

Both brands’ breaks will undoubtedly provide exemplary performance in the long run. However, PowerStop wins for everyday driving durability because they are made of ceramic.

Copper-free ceramic materials are more durable and wear-resistant than metal, which is why Powerstop brakes last longer. When choosing a ceramic or semi-metallic brake pad for your vehicle, it’s essential to consider which type will work best, given the conditions in which you drive.

PowerStop vs. StopTech Price Comparison

When comparing prices, a StopTech brake kit would set you back approximately $460, while a PowerStop kit will cost you about $240.

StopTech products are superior for mid- to high-level braking performance, but PowerStop is a more affordable option for replacement brake parts.

PowerStop vs. StopTech Pros and Cons Table Summary

StopTech and Powerstop brake kits offer different types of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s review the pros and cons of both in the table below.

Ceramic braking padsLess suitable for cold and less bite than semi-metallic  Semi-metallic breaking padsContain copper / EPA regulations
Slotted and drilled kits for better performanceNot as good at coolingSlotted kits for better coolingNot as high-performance
Good for everyday drivingAcceleration is not as smoothSuitable for racing or high-performance carsNot as durable
Cost lessLower gear ratiosHigh gear ratiosCost more

Is PowerStop or StopTech better?

PowerStop is an excellent brake pad brand that makes high-quality rotors and pads. However, StopTech is another superb option. It’s important to note that both brands offer high-quality products, so it comes down to personal preference and how much you’re willing to spend.

The average driver may not notice a difference between PowerStop and StopTech brake pads, so they may prefer the less expensive ceramic brakes. Powerstop brakes best suit drivers who want the ultimate stopping power and performance on rough roads and high-temperature conditions.

Racing cars do better with Stoptech’s more expensive semi-metallic brakes. Stoptech brakes deliver incredible speed and pinpoint control, making them a top choice for aggressive drivers.

Where to Buy PowerStop and StopTech Brake Pads

You can buy PowerStop and StopTech brake pads from several retailers, including AutoZone and Amazon. However, the prices for both brands vary slightly between stores, so it’s a good idea to shop around before purchasing.

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